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Feel Your Power

Self defense skills are better to know and never need to use than to need to use and not know. Jeff and Shelley Green of Tamarack TKD Martial Arts Studio offer ”Feel Your Power”, an interactive self defense class which truly empowers women. Our goal is to provide you with the mental and physical skills to escape an attack quickly and safely. We want women to realize that they have options for protecting themselves. Knowing this and trusting their abilities are keys to self defense. We cannot predict what kind of situation you might find yourself in but we can give you the confidence to deal with it effectively.

With participation in our class you can expect to increase your awareness, learn new skills and feel your power. The techniques we cover are simple and useful. They include kicks, strikes, defense from grabs, defense from weapons and defense from ground attacks.

It is not all about fighting. In addition to teaching assertive techniques, we address awareness and mindset which helps you think a little differently and become a less attractive target. We certainly respect and appreciate the gentle nature of women but we also strongly believe in the power within. Helping women access that is what our class is about.

You do not have to submit to an attacker and follow his plan. You have a right to defend yourself and your children and you have the power to do it. “Feel Your Power” helps you tap into your potential. You not only get a physical workout, you become empowered.

It is not our intent to scare women, but if we never talk about potential situations we could find ourselves submissive in the face of criminals simply because we never learned what to do. The purpose of self defense classes is to present tools for safety and awareness. We provide a friendly, open atmosphere where women can express opinions about real situations and address options. Thinking through what action you would take in a particular situation makes you more capable of dealing with it should it arise. Our minds are influential tools which can be trained to work to our advantage when we are faced with new, uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situations.

It is unfortunate how many women experience attacks firsthand, without warning. They are caught completely off guard and have no idea what to do. That allows the attacker to be in control and get what he wants. We want to change that. Women need to be taught how to respond.

We hope none of our students ever have to use their new skills to defend against an attack, yet we feel it is extremely important to be prepared.
We believe that all women should have some kind of training and learn to not be taken advantage of. Those who have participated in “Feel Your Power” have been high school and college students, housewives, mothers, grandmothers and career women.

Some of them shared these comments about our class. “This was one of the most positive and powerful experiences I’ve had. Thank you!” “I feel much more confident and feel I could defend myself.” “Instructors made me feel at ease and made me realize how strong I am.” I liked “learning in a safe environment without feeling embarrassed.” “My daughter and I both really enjoyed and valued all the lessons and techniques taught to us and were very comfortable with Jeff and Shelley. Their knowledge and teaching skills made it easier to comprehend too.” “It was an awesome experience. I learned a lot and feel safer.” “You brought so much information and knowledge of technique. I have much more awareness.” “This class was great! I thoroughly enjoyed it.” “I am so grateful to both of you for sharing your skills and knowledge with me. You’ve given me so much more than simply defense tactics. You have my gratitude and respect.”

You can experience these great benefits yourself by signing up for “Feel Your Power” Women’s Self Defense class. Call us at 614 738-6906 or go to the self defense page of our website, for details. Be sure to click on the video clip to see action from an actual class.

You won’t want to miss it. It’s fun, it’s physical, it’s powerful!