Jeff Green

Tamarack TKD

Masters Jeff and Shelley Green have been teaching Tae Kwon Do together since 1995.  They run Tamarack TKD Martial Arts Studio in Westerville, Ohio and teach a family class at Westerville Community Center. They have advanced over 60 students to black belt and have many more on their way.  They teach the agility and fitness class, self defense and Kid Escape. Jeff and Shelley are 7th degree black belts.They have past training in Tai Chi Chuan and Budo Ninjitsu-Taijitsu.

Jeff has a background in fitness and personal training and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management from Bowling Green State University. Jeff is a Columbus firefighter and paramedic.  He spent 6 years as an assistant wrestling coach at St. Francis DeSales High School. He teaches wrestling and submission grappling at Tamarack TKD.